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Enhanced recovery program

Enhanced recovery is an evidence based approach that helps patients who are undergoing surgery to recover more quickly.

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What is the enhanced recovery program

All members of the healthcare team work together to ensure:

  • You are a healthy as possible before undergoing surgery
  • You are prepared with appropriate information and education
  • You know what to expect for the duration of your joint replacement surgery
  • You receive the best possible care during your operation
  • You receive the best possible care whilst recovering from your operation

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to providing high quality care that is safe, effective, and focused on your individual needs. Daily goals are encouraged and the team will help you achieve them. These will include:

  • Managing your pain
  • Early mobilisation
  • Diet and hydration to assist in your recovery
  • Specific exercises

An essential part of the enhanced recovery program is the joint school education appointment prior to your surgery. You have the opportunity to receive information and education to prepare you for your hospital stay, your rehabilitation, and your recovery, and you are also given the opportunity to ask any questions.

Click here to see the joint school presentation document.

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