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Our charity

The charitable donations we receive enable us to provide comfort and facilities above and beyond those provided by the NHS. Enhancing a person's visit to us can make all the difference to their well-being, improving both their recovery and overall experience.

We want you to be confident that your donation will go where you want it to go.

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We are extremely grateful for charity donations and will always endeavour to spend them wisely.

Recipient of donations on a ward

Donations can be received in cash and by cheque.

Cheques made payable to individual ward funds can also be accepted. We are not able to accept cheques that are made payable to named members of staff.

Alternatively, donors can contact our charity team on 01384 244252 to make a donation by card. Staff will ask for a name and address (so a thank you can be sent).

Please ask for your charitable fund to be dedicated to the Midlands Orthopaedic Centre.

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We are part of The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust
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